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FUTURE Financial Group is one of the largest pension asset managers in Russia. The company was established in 2016 to provide unified management of private pension funds already controlled by O1 Group. FUTURE manages five of Russia’s leading private pension funds, which operate in the country’s mandatory pension insurance and non-state pension system. 

FUTURE private pension fund, created by the merger of NPF Blagosostoyanie OPS and NPF Stalfond. NPF Uralsib, NPF Russian Standard (re-named Our Future), is second* largest pension fund in Russia by the number of individuals served and second* largest by pension savings;

Telecom-Soyuz, which ranks third* in Russia by the number of insured individuals and amount of pension provision under management.

NPF Obrazovaniye, which ranks in Top 30 by the amount of savings under management and ranks in Top 25 by the number of insured individuals.

NPF Sotsialnoe razvitie, which ranks in Top25 by the amount of savings and reserves under management. More than 130 thousand people entrusted their retirement savings to NPF Sotsialnoe razvitie.

Total assets under management by FUTURE Financial Group are 300 billion rubles, of which more than 268 billion are pension savings and 31 billion are pension provisions.

A total of 4.8 million people are served by the Group under Russia’s mandatory pension insurance and non-state pension system.

All of the funds managed by FUTURE Financial Group are included in the state-run guarantee scheme for people with pension insurance.

* Hereinafter, according to the Central Bank by 09.30.2016, with consideration of NPF Uralsib and Our Future (merged with NPF FUTURE 12.13.2016).

Part of the O1 Group's portfolio: Since 2016

Location: Moscow, with branches across the regions of Russia

Stake: 80%

Website: futurefg.ru

Asset ownership history  

O1 Group carried out an IPO of common shares in FUTURE Financial Group on the Moscow Stock Exchange in October 2016. A 20% interest in the company placed on the market.

  • Providing the conditions for assets growth
  • Developing of competitive and stable business
  • Offering high-quality products and services