Assisted living for the elderly



Assisted living for the elderly. O1 Group is to build and manage an assisted-living complex for elderly residents in Moscow Region. The complex will offer comfortable accommodation, taking account of the diet and safety needs of residents as well as providing various forms of care in an attractive countryside environment.

The project aims to provide socially active and comfortable retirement with a high level of service.

Date of inclusion in the O1 Group portfolio: 2014 

Location: Zykovo, Moscow Region

Level of ownership: 100%

The company Danshell Group, which has unique technology and extensive experience managing similar facilities in Israel and the UK, has been engaged as a consultant for the project.

The project concept was designed by the architectural firm Tsimailo, Lyashenko and Partners.

The assisted-living complex will be completed in several phases and will have 366 apartments, providing accommodation for 454 residents.

Completion of the first phase is scheduled in 2018


  • Providing the conditions for assets growth
  • Developing of competitive and stable business
  • Offering high-quality products and services