O1 Group believes it is essential to support cultural events with a social heritage. Classical art including painting, music and theatre are among the main priorities for O1 projects.

Museum of Russian Impressionism (Moscow, Russia)


Boris Mints initiated the creation of the first Museum of Russian Impressionism in the Bolshevik culture and office complex. The museum was launched in May 2016 with an exhibition based on the private collection of Boris Mints. 

Golden Mask Festival  (Moscow, Russia)

Boris Mints has been supporting this renowned theatrical festival for several consecutive years. The event gives the Moscow public the opportunity to watch the latest Russian and foreign theatre, with an expert committee selecting the best theatrical talents.

Vladimir Spivakov charity foundation 

For many years, O1 Properties has been a partner to the foundation of world-famous maestro Vladimir Spivakov. The fund supports young talent in the musical arts and organises dedicated concerts, festivals and scholarship programmes.

White City sculptural composition (Moscow, Russia)


In 2014, O1 Properties contributed to the cultural life of the Moscow community by installing a sculpture by world-famous Russian artist Georgy Frangylian in the public area outside its White Square office centre. The sculpture comprises seven 3.5 meter high male and female figures symbolising different types of city dweller. With the installation of this sculpture, O1 Properties aims to create a unique atmosphere and introduce contemporary art with a city theme to the urban landscape.

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